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What do I do if I smell gas?

Indications of a possible gas leak include:

  • Unusual (rotten egg) odor inside or near the pipeline outdoors. Natural Gas has an odor similar to rotten eggs so that even the smallest leaks can be detected.
  • Hissing noise, bubbles in water puddles, dirt being blown into the air, or dead discolored vegetation near an underground pipeline.

If you think you smell a gas leak, please follow these steps immediately:

  • Evacuate everyone from the house.
  • DO NOT light a match, operate light switches, appliances, engines or any other potential source of ignition.
  • Turn off the supply at the tank.
  • From a safe location, using a cell phone or a neighbor’s phone,  call Sheehan’s Gas Company at 1 (800) 243-3047 or local fire department.

To find out what propane gas smells like, contact your local Propane provider to have a “Propane Users Safety Guide” mailed to you.

Quick tips to avoid a gas leak:

  • Know where gas lines are located, so you won’t damage them when digging or working in the yard.
  • If your tank is located where snow drifts, make sure to clear snow away from regulators and lines.
  • Always cap unused lines, even if they have shut off valves.

Care and Maintenance of Appliances

  • If you install new appliances, call your provider so they can update their information and preform a leak test.
  • Always follow Manufactures recommendations.
  • Change or clean furnace filters regularly as recommended by the manufacturer.
  • Never store cleaning fluids, oil-soaked rags, gasoline, or other flammable liquids near a gas-burning appliance where vapors could be ignited by the pilot light.

You can also visit the Propane Education & Research Council’s Safety section to learn more. (

Excavation Safety

“Dig-In” (excavation) damage is a leading cause of gas system damage. To minimize this hazard, the most important thing you can do is Call Before You Dig.  Gopher State One Call is a free statewide service that allows utilities to locate any buried facilities they own before you start digging. Just call 2 business days before digging and provide the requested information to the operator.  GSOC can be reached by calling 800-252-1166 or 811.  You can visit their website, or the blue logo below.