Sheehan's Gas Company

Natural Gas Excess Flow Valves and Eligibility

Sheehan’s Gas Company’s residential, multi-family, and small commercial customers can now request installation of an Excess Flow Valve (EFV) on their natural gas service lines.  A new regulation from the Federal Pipeline and Hazardous Materials Safety Administration has expanded the use of these valves, which have been installed on new or replacement services lines for the past several years.


An EFV is a safety device installed inside a natural gas line near its connection with our underground main pipeline, typically in or along streets.  The purpose of the valve is to shut off the flow of natural gas in the event of a gas line break caused by excavation or other activities that could sever a service line.


While any customer can request EFV, not all existing service lines can be retrofitted to accommodate one.  The amount of natural gas used by the customer and the system pressure inside the line are two determining factors.

For more information about installation and cost of an Excess Flow Valve, please call Sheehan’s Gas Company at (320) 365-4400.